Starting on the 4th of December 2014 in Echo Park Area in Los Angeles . Art will be placed in trees, on roots, upon stairways,  along Sunset Boulevard etc. 
Participating artists Yaron Michael Hakim, Emily Appenzeller
Mary Burge ,Tzunami, Daniel Hawkins, Jenn Berger, Marnie Weber,Inder Salim,Bom,  Isabel Theselius, Alysse Stepanian , Gerald Maa, Nick Aguayo,Tamara de Laval and more to follow.....
Curator Tamara de Laval
see earlier Hidden Art  art projects at    http://doldkonst.blogspot.com  and http://meteorprojekt.se

This is the third Hidden Art Project , the last ones were taking place in the nature  along Göta Canal in the County of Östergötland in Sweden during  summer 2011 and summer 2014. These exhibitions were a tribute to the old trees along the canal, the longest tree alley in the world. They are menaced by environmental pollution, some of the trees are dying , and have to be replaced by new trees. Organized by the artist group Meteor and curated by Tamara de Laval.

Sunset Lady, Isabel Theselius

Nick Aguayo

Yaron Michael Hakim

I make objects and spaces that teeter between sculpture and painting, life and art, the functional and non-functional. Through the filtering of forms, imagery, and practices I have absorbed throughout my peripatetic life I create artifact-like objects that hold personal meaning. I am excited when I can create a work that is neither here nor there, something familiar and simultaneously unfamiliar. This in-betweenness or displacement in my work is a reflection of my own deep feelings of placelessness in my search for belonging.

Daniel Hawkins
Cast Aluminum

Marnie Weber, Pink Scarecrow in Tree


Emily Appenzeller

Inder Salim, Out of Focus is Science. This is Ghost.

Inder Salim is an artist, poet, performance artist from Kashmir, based in Delhi. With rigour and commitment, Inder has performed for the last 25 years. In 2010, he organised Art Karawan, an international event that travelled through nine cities in the north of India , with 30 participants from India and abroad. Inder came up with the idea of working and developing new processes with artists and non-artists at this event..According to him, performance art is a potent, intuitive and yet highly evolved strategy that can be used to comprehend the chaotic, the unknown. It is contagious and subverts deeply held sediments of thought. How do we make sense of the act that makes a performance? What is the specificity of the relay of these acts? How do acts grow within the performer and around the performance? 

Gerald Maa Absolute Hospitality chez ES Burt, 2014, paper, tar, and wood, 8 ½ x 11 inches

Gerald Maa is a writer, translator, and artist whose work has been supported by places such as the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, the Library of Congress Asian Reading Room, and Vermont Studio Center.  His poetry, translation, and essays appear in place such as American Poetry Review, A Sense of Regard: Essays on Poetry and Race, Studies in Romanticism, and Push Open the Window: Contemporary Poetry from China.  Editor-in-chief of the Asian American Literary Review, he currently lives in Los Angeles.

Mary Burge

These are some of the objects that have materialized from a performance (with Gerald Maa) at Greene Exhibitions on 5 June at Greene Exhibitions in Los Angeles.  The cloth was originally part of a costume I made for the performance. It was altered during the performance so now I am going to use it for another piece.. see link for video  from the performance at http://vimeo.com/99493064

Mary Burge is a visual artist and writer that lives in Los Angeles. She works in various mediums including photography, sculpture, installation, performance, and video. In 2010 she received her M.F.A. from Rhode Island School of Design in Digital+Media where her thesis, Two Lonely Hunters: Simulation of Presence in Mediated Storytelling and the Southern Oral Tradition, was awarded Best Thesis. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin in studio art, specifically photography and video, with a minor in Spanish. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York and Europe. She is currently working on an installation and performance about how the visual language of the painter Henri Rousseau mimics contemporary notions of digital representation, especially collective fantasies of the exotic. 

Title: The Meat That Therefore I Am
Concept and animated gif by Alysse Stepanian.
Created for the Echo Park, Los Angeles, HIDDEN ART / DOLD KONST project curated by Tamara De Laval.
Still photos by Tamara De Laval.
December 6, 2014.
All injustices are interconnected: looking away from one weakens the arguments made against another.

Jenn Berger, Just Cause You Feel It Doesn´t Mean It´s There

                                            Synthethic Fur,Wire mesh, Charcoal on paper, 2012/14


Tzunami is an artist duo from Sweden, Aida Samani and Ossian Theselius
see www.tzunami.se



Tamara de Laval , Herstory 

Walking around the Echo Park Area in Los Angeles I found a site where a homeless woman lives , documented it and added the sign Herstory.






Tamara de Laval, El Camino Real

Sunset Boulevard, painting on plexi, Tamara de Laval

Debbie looking at Bom Lindén´s sculpture